White City Will Proceed With Application To Become One Community

White City Will Proceed With Application To Become One Community

White City Town Council has determined it is time to proceed with an application to create one united urban community to the Saskatchewan Municipal Board (SMB).

Officials from the Town and the RM of Edenwold have been participating in voluntary mediation for the past seven months with the assistance of mediators from Saskatchewan Justice. However, no progress has been made on a plan that would bring our community together.

Hal Zorn, White City Town Councillor said it’s disappointing.

“Our proposal would unify the urban community of White City and Emerald Park and give us the capacity and opportunity to provide the urban infrastructure and services residents expect in a community of our size,” Zorn said. 

The Town’s plan would like to bring all urban residential and commercial residents together as one urban municipality to maintain what we all love about our community now and build our community for the future. We want to be able to manage our growth in a well-planned manner for the benefit of all taxpayers now and in the future. “ Our residents, and our friends and neighbors in Emerald Park and the White City area support becoming one community because together we can achieve so much more.”

Through the mediation process, it became apparent that the RM’s vision is to keep the community separated with two governing bodies and continued division of services.

“The fact is our Town is surrounded by development in the RM. Co-operation and voluntary mediation have not worked. We need to move forward,” Zorn said.

The Town will submit an application to become one community to the Saskatchewan Municipal Board in coming weeks.