White City Proceeding with Boundary Application to Become One Community with One Voice

White City Proceeding with Boundary Application to Become One Community with One Voice

WHITE CITY, SK: After a year of public consultation and discussion about the Town of White City’s proposal to incorporate White City, Emerald Park, adjacent commercial and industrial lands, the residential subdivisions of Escott/Deneve, Park Meadows Estates, Meadow Ridge Estates and other rural land into one urban municipality, the Town of White City will be proceeding with an application for boundary alteration to the Saskatchewan Municipal Board and the provincial government.  

During a well-attended public meeting last night, the Town received 50 written submissions (28 for and 22 against) and 26 verbal presentations regarding the proposal.  In addition, the Town has to-date received over 951 letters from residents within the area, 909 of which are in favor of the proposal.  The Town has also been petitioned by the Butte Business District, located just outside of the proposed boundaries to be included in the new community.

“We’ve listened carefully to all of the feedback from the community at large and are moving forward with the proposal given the extremely strong support we’ve received.  People believe it’s time we become one incorporated urban community with one voice.” Mayor Bruce Evans said. 

One of Canada’s fastest growing communities, nearly 5,500 people live in White City, the subdivision of Emerald Park and the surrounding residential or commercial developments in the RM of Edenwold.  That current pace of growth is expected to continue.   However, the Town is being limited by the increasing amount of urban development adjacent to its borders.  The inefficiency of the current unusual and confining geographic and governance model and the lack of integration concerning taxation, land development and the provision of school, recreation and other municipal services is challenging long-term planning for White City.

“Becoming one urban municipality will provide the necessary governance structure to manage growth and add the services that should be available to all residents of a rapidly growing urban community,” Evans said.  “Existing development in our community is completely seamless in terms of physical boundaries, emphasizing the complete lack of rationale for remaining subdivided into two separate municipal jurisdictions.”