White City Launches One Community, Stronger Together Campaign

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White City Launches One Community, Stronger Together Campaign

The Town of White City has launched a new campaign to remind residents of the opportunities and benefits of becoming One Community.

In the new feature video, White City Mayor Brian Fergusson discusses how White City, Emerald Park and surrounding neighbourhoods have always been One Community in spirit ­­and how the entire region will be stronger if we come together as Saskatchewan’s next city.

White City Councillors Rebecca Otitoju, Scott Moskal, Kris Moen and Hal Zorn also discuss how we’ll have more influence, funding and opportunities by coming together.

White City’s proposed One Community structure brings White City, Emerald Park, Escott Deneve, Meadow Ridge, Park Meadows and the Great Plains Industrial Park into one strong and united urban community.
The proposal puts our region in a strong position to attract a new high school, build a new recreational facility and ensures better planning and efficient services to keep taxes low.

As we continue to grow, the need to unite becomes increasingly important.

There will be more outreach from White City on this project with updates and information in the coming weeks.