If we don't form one government now, our problems will get bigger because we're going to get bigger. The longer we stand in one spot, the further behind we're going to fall.

Senator Marty Klyne, White City Resident

I'd like to see the community come together under one governing body with a more consistent plan. If we pool our resources together, there's so much more we could do.

Jerad & Tauna Kupiec, Emerald Park Residents

There is too much of a difference between the goals and objectives of the RM and the Town and our businesses are suffering as a result. By joining together as one urban municipality with a solid plan for our future, we will be able to achieve so much more.

Perry Fletcher of the Butte Business District

We need to grow in a well-coordinated, very strategic way, and not a mishmash of two separate communities trying to squish each other together.

Trish Bezborotko, Emerald Park Resident

This is an inevitable event in the evolution of our community. Having different growth areas isn't going to work. We have to have a single, cohesive plan, and right now that isn't in place. And that will cost us in many different ways.

Steven King, 20Twenty Wealth Management

We've been travelling to a lot of different communities where we've seen other multi-purpose rec facilities and we really miss out here not being able to host tournaments. We really have an opportunity to ban together and work towards that cause [of a multi-purpose rec facility].

Kelly Markwart, Emerald Park Resident

We want to become more of a community and come together as a community. And I think that will happen if we come together as one.

Murray Wright, Volunteer Firefighter, Priest