RM of Edenwold Lobbies for Outside Support Against our Community

 RM of Edenwold Lobbies for Outside Support Against our Community

In an email distributed by the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities on Monday, May 6th, the RM of Edenwold #158 appeals to all other RM Councils in Saskatchewan to condemn the proposal by the Town of White City to amalgamate White City, Emerald Park and neighbouring residential and industrial sub-divisions into one community. 


The RM states that they “would like to present provincial opposition to this dangerous and precedent-setting annexation proposal” at the Town’s public hearing on June 5th.  In addition, they ask “all RM councils to adopt motions condemning this annexation and sign the attached letter of support for the RM’s position.”

This is surprising given the RM has long insisted this is an issue for local residents. Why should an RM in another area of the province have a say in this issue when they could not know and understand the work, research and long-term implications that have been considered by our town in developing this proposal, let alone make assumptions about the concerns or feelings of local residents? 

This is yet another example of the RM of Edenwold talking about municipal co-operation and working together with their neighbours yet demonstrating the opposite.  This, and the need to appropriately plan for growth and positive future development in our community, is why the Town of White City has presented our proposal, consulted broadly with our community and is following the approved process by the province to become one community.  

We believe it’s time to move forward.

It’s time to come together as one community, under one governance model that offers all of our citizens true democratic representation and one voice for which to build the amenities we all want in our community now and for the future.


Click here to view the letter sent by the RM of Edenwold to SARM members

Click here to view the letter of support sent by the RM of Edenwold