The Process

The formal process for creating one integrated full-service municipality will begin with an invitation to the RM of Edenwold to begin discussions. The Town is cognizant that the annexation of lands from one municipality to another must be negotiated between the municipalities involved. Given the Town's past experience with annexation proposals to the RM, a principled based and mediated negotiation process will be initiated with the RM to work out a mutually agreeable outcome. 

In addition, a comprehensive public engagement process will be undertaken that will include public information sessions, full access to all information in a special section of the Town’s web site and ample opportunities for all affected citizens and businesses to offer opinions and provide suggestions.

At the conclusion of the public engagement process and the mediation process, the Town will submit a formal proposal to the Provincial Government and the Saskatchewan Municipal Board for the annexation of sufficient lands to support an integrated, full service growth community.


How Annexation Works

The process we are about to undertake is outlined by the Government of Saskatchewan.

White City will be leading the request for annexation and will work closely with all stakeholders to ensure this process is completed fairly and equitably.

(Legislative Process) Process for Annexation

Step 1 – White City Council will pass a resolution to pursue annexation. Council will prepare a notice to the public outlining its intention for annexation

Step 2 – The Notice to the Public will contain:

  • map and description of the proposed boundary alteration;
  • a brief explanation of the reasons for the proposal;
  • a statement saying where the proposal may be examined;
  • a statement saying that anyone who objects to the proposal may file a written objection, clearly explaining their reasons for objecting to the proposal, to the council within four weeks of the last publication of notice; and
  • the date, time and place of a public meeting that will be held by council to discuss the proposal. The meeting must be held at least one week after the day on which the notice was last published, delivered or sent.

Step 3 – A public meeting will be held after people have had the opportunity to read the Public Notice. All of the materials to be included with the submission pursuant to section 59 of The Municipalities Act will be available for public review.

Step 4 – When agreement is reached without dispute by all the municipalities and the terms and areas proposed for annexation are passed, the proposal will be submitted by White City to the Community Planning Branch of the Ministry of Government Relations.

Step 5 – After review by the Ministry, if the boundary alterations are deemed to be viable entities, the boundary alteration will proceed. The Ministry is responsible for describing the new limit of the municipality, although an acceptable description of the lands to be annexed will be provided.