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Will my water bill go up?

Currently there are two water treatment systems providing potable water in our communities. One plant is owned by the RM of Edenwold, the other by SaskWater who White City receives its water from. This has led to a large difference in the price of water for residents depending where you live.

White City operates its water and sewer services as a utility. This means that property taxes are not used to subsidize water and sewer rates nor are utility surpluses used to subsidize the town’s municipal property taxes. 

White City’s water treatment plant is operated by SaskWater and the Town purchases treated water from SaskWater at a negotiated rate.  This rate also includes a monthly minimum that White City must purchase from SaskWater.   While treated water is purchased from SaskWater, White City owns the water distribution system. 

As responsible stewards for future generations, for every dollar collected for water and sewer consumption, fourteen (.14) cents is set aside in a reserve for the maintenance and replacement of the water distribution and sewer collection systems.  As the Town’s water distribution and sewer collection systems are very new, setting aside funds to upgrade and replace these systems now has a small impact on rates.  Setting aside a small sum now ensures there are sufficient funds to upgrade and replace the systems without any impact on utility rates, the use of local improvement taxes or increases to the property tax in the future. 

There are several options that may be considered for the provision of treated water during the creation of the integrated full-service community.  These are:

  1. Creation of a Water Works Utility similar to the WCRM158 WasteWater Utility, in which the systems to treat and supply water to residents is owned and operated by the Water Works Utility.  The Utility will determine water rates, establish quality standards, ensure there is sufficient supply of treated water to the growing community and operation and maintain the systems on a daily basis,
  2. The absorption of the RM water treatment plant into the new integrated full-service community, at which time, rates will remain as they are for both municipalities.  This will have the effect of treating each plant as its own separate utility, and
  3. The RM retains ownership of the water treatment plant and continues to provide treated water to Emerald Park and the business area as it is now.  

White City is also aware that several Emerald Park residents receive their potable water from wells.  These properties could be grandfathered into the new community.  While the number of properties on wells is low, there are considerations for improving the provision of fire protection services in these areas by installing a water line to provide fire hydrants. 

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