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Will my taxes go up?

Property taxes between White City and Emerald Park are quite similar. With an expanded tax base and consolidated services, evidence suggests that municipal property taxes for all classes of property will decline.

Although, property tax impacts by property type vary, overall, using White City’s 2017 property tax rates and applying these rates to properties in the RM, an overall reduction of 7.3% would occur for RM properties. Residential properties would see an overall 1.1% decline, but it must be noted that a small number of properties would experience increases while the vast majority would experience savings or remain the same. Also, of note is a 3.9% reduction in municipal taxes for the 87 country residential properties.

The largest reduction of 16.8% occurs for commercial properties.

It should be noted that there would be no impact to agricultural lands as a result of annexation.

During the 2015 Boundary Alteration process, White City annexed farmland and provided for a long-term fixed assessment agreement for the lands annexed. These agreements keep the municipal property tax rates at the level they were on the date of annexation until the lands become developed. White City is committed to continuing this policy for all farmland annexed because of this proposal.

** For the detailed Current Property Tax Comparison Analysis, please visit one-community.ca for a link to the complete document and data tables.

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