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How is White City Administration preparing for potential annexation?

As our community has grown over the past several years, the current town administration has also expanded in order to meet customer service needs, and ensure responsiveness, communication and accountability to the citizens we serve.  The town presently employs 17 full-time and 10 part-time/seasonal positions.

Our municipal staff strive every day to provide our residents with excellent service.  Operational Excellence is an important part of the Strategic Plan adopted by council in 2017 and is set out the following goals:

  • to be an effective and responsive administration that can meet the demands of a fast-growing community;
  • create a team environment that values teamwork, accountability, and innovation;
  • attract and retain high quality candidates for Town positions; and
  • be fully transparent by having residents fully informed of the Town’s plans, actions, policies and services.

The town administration has taken the time to consult with experienced third-party professionals to undertake research, conduct comparative analysis and review financial and legal precedence in order to advise council on options that will help the community prepare and plan for the future growth of the town.  Municipal staff are taking the steps required now to meet the demands for infrastructure and service levels required of a growing community in the future. 

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